Is The iPhone The Ultimate Accessory?

The walkman, the ipod and now the iPhone what have they got in common? At some point in their existence they have had the tag of the ultimate accessory. The iPhone is the latest product to take up that mantle, after the successful launch earlier this year. But will it last?

While sales of the iPhone are currently under the strict control of Apple, and their partner AT and T, there are plans to increase the number of sales channels with the award of a number of licences to trusted agents. It seems that the initial excitement may be over and iPhone news suggests that Apple are now moving to the next stage of structured sales.

Unlike many products before, Apple have managed to control demand and supply, ensuring the product hits the headlines while having enough of the product to sell. Not the cheapest handset in the world, the iPhone offer a vast array of services which include music, the internet, iPhone games, and the number of iPhone accessories is set to grow and grow.

While the product is not readily available throughout the world, it will not be long before worldwide coverage is achieved. This may then prompt a discounting of the product by Apple, who will move to the next stage of their sales program the release of more and more accessories for the iPhone.

The accessories market offers some very useful repeat income streams the life blood of an innovative company such as Apple who spend millions on research and development.

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